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 Examples of good bios (not edited to play in Dark Equestria setting)

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PostSubject: Examples of good bios (not edited to play in Dark Equestria setting)   Sat May 19, 2012 12:43 am

Roleplay Type: Mane
Name: Mythos Gray
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Unicorn

Coat Color: A soft gray color
Mane/Tail Color: Pure white mane and tail.
Eye Color: Purple
Cutie Mark: An open book with a fire breathing dragon's head poking out the book (a book for the stories he finds an tells other and the dragon to show his ability to make the stories 'come to life')
Physique: Fit, yet lean. He keeps himself in shape but still clearly not very strong or tough. Handsome, and with a soft smiling almost always on his face as if he find the world amusing. His mane and tail is well combed but, is the type that doesn't need to spend much time in front of the mirror.
Origin: Originally from Canterlot and still has a home there, but also travels fairly often.
Occupation: Entertainer publicly but secretly is a freelancer that has worked for different groups and individuals who need somepony to find something out for them.
Motivation: Always out for finding a good story and to have fun as well as to meet new ponies. Wants to find out which legends are true and to learn that which history does not tell... like for example the origins of Equestria beloved rulers Celestia and Luna.
Likes: Pretty fillies and mares, stories and books, music, meeting interesting and important ponies.
Dislikes:Those that are too serious, violence against fillies/mares/and foals, those that show rudeness or disrespect (especially to fillies and mares), those that speak without thinking, a filly or mare showing themselves disrespect or putting themselves down.

Character Summary:
Mythos was born in a well to do Canterlot family who always seemed to be busy being involved in some social function or event. His father Brightstrings being an extremely skilled violinist and his mother Autumnheart a well respected private teacher of the history of Equestria. As a foal Mythos had plenty of time to himself, where he learned how to read as well as play music on the piano and violin. Yet while reading came easy to him, the musical arts were much harder. Yet Mythos was even at this young age a determinant lad and he actually did become fairly good at these instruments.
As time went on Mythos expand his studies to not only the basics he needed to know but more, learning all he could on Equestrian history, myths, legends, and even tails from other lands. While leaving piano playing mostly behind he did continue practicing his violin, wanting his father to be proud of how well he could play. Yet he still hadn't discovered his Talent, which frustrated him and pushed him to try new things. Now like all self respecting unicorn he learned to use magic, and from youth he studied what he could on it. Yet that to seemed slowing going, but eventually he found he seemed to have an affinity to illusionist based magic and spells more then any other type. Surprisingly for some he started to become quite skilled at illusions or as he called it illustrations.
When Mythos gained his cutie mark was interesting, as it was during a family party that his parents had prepared him for so that he would act the way he should. While looking around young Mythos noticed a young filly that seemed to not be enjoying herself and took it upon himself to cheer her up. Walking of to the filly Mythos smiles and introduced himself as he had been told to do by his father and asked what was wrong. Founding out she was his cousin as well as that her name Sundipple and explain that she hadn't wanted to go to the party in the first place. Calling her Sunny Mythos asked if she would like to hear a story he had read. Interested the filly nodded as Mythos started, concentrating his magic so that he could created the illustrations he had been practicing though they were like rough drawings. Smiling he told his story with all the emotion he could and started to catch the attention of others. By the end of the story there were ponies laughing and nodding at Mythos before he was hugged by Sunny as she thanked him. It was at this time that Sunny noticed Mythos cutie mark, which was an open book and a dragon that seemed to fly out of the pages and breath fire at the reader. With all the commotion Mythos parents walked over to see what was going on and grew excited when they saw his cutie mark. The rest of the party seemed to end even better then expected, and Mythos got to talk with a few of the adults because of what had happened as well as spend more time with Sundipple.
As time went on Mythos grew into a young colt, and requested that he could go traveling around Equestria, wanting to see all the cities and town in Equestria. His parents were unsure, but agreed after a bit of discussion. Allowing Mythos to go off on his own as long as he promise to write weekly and tell his parents about his travels.
Mythos eventually returned to Canterlot, having grown into a stallian his parents would be proud of... if they still lived. That was the main reason he had returned when he did, when he heard new of their passing. Once there Mythos set everything in order, giving them the reception they would appreciate inviting all those that knew them. It was at this reception that Mythos met his cousin Sundipple, who went up and gave him a hug. After catching up with Sunny, as well as speaking with others as he should. As time went on everypony went home, leaving Mythos to clean up and to figure out what he was going to do with himself.
After about a week Mythos stepped into the Canterlot elite as an entertainer and storyteller, showing himself gifted as such and finding use for all the skills he had learned. Using his magic and his knowledge he weaved impressive stories as well as even played his violin at times. Yet it was during this time that he took up other work as well, finding himself with offers to find information or to learn about this pony or another. It didn't take long for him to realize he could earn more as a freelancer then for entertaining.
It was around this time Mythos met a certain dark blue pegasus, who quickly caught his interest because of how pretty and nervous she was. It didn't take long for him to find out her name was Stardream and that she was with an assistant to an astrologer. After this meeting came many more and Mythos became quite close to to Stardream, fond even though he wouldn't admit to being in love with her. After dating for a time Mythos even consider being with just Stardream, to actually have a relationship but it would seem that wasn't to be. Now Mythos had not gone out of his way to hide his activities from Stardream but neither did he ever go into details on them. Partly because even he knew he was at times working for ponies who were not of good character. Who wanted him to give them the means to cause trouble for others and bring themselves up. He was not proud of this but at the same time he did not see a reason to stop. It was his policy to be available to any that have need of him as long as they paid his price of bit as well as good stories... and as long as he wasn't the cause of harm a filly, mare, or foal.
Stardream found out about this and was not pleased, trying to get Mythos to stop what he was doing as she was upset he would help ponies that would hurt others. Mythos tried to make it seem it was no big deal, that he wasn't the one actually doing anything wrong. Stardream was not happy about this and eventually left Mythos in tears, later he found out she had left to another city and he was without a means to contact her. He was left in Canterlot, understanding he had made a grave mistake but with no way to fix it.

Roleplay Type: Mane
Name: Stardream
Sex: Female
Age: Mare
Species: Pegasus

Coat Color: Has a dark blue coat, moving to near black it would seem to those without sharp eyes.
Mane/Tail and style of such: She has lovely midnight blue mane and tail, long and wavy but not really styled as she normally only brushes it.
Eye Color: Eyes are a lovely shade of emerald green
Cutie Mark: green outline of an eye with a black pupil surround in light blue aura
Physique: Slender of build and of a fair height, attractive as well.
Talent: Seeing hints of the future in her dreams, and can speak with the stars too. Though she rarely completely understands what she is told. Usually her talent works as a sixth sense where the stars warn her of danger and trouble around or near her.
Origin: Originally from Trottingham and still has a house there but currently travels with her mentor to many different cities because of her work as his assistant.
Occupation: Astrologer, currently assistant but formally apprentice to Star Gazer
Motivation: To find out about herself, to find out what happened to her parents. To be able to talk to others about her talent... to make friends, but ones she can trust.
Likes: Reading, but mostly only those on the night sky and the stars. Books that might help her understand her talent better. Good manners, those that are nice to others, and those that can make her laugh.
Dislikes: Taking risks, unpredictability. Selfishness, those that don't think things through
Character Summary: Named by the parents Stardream would never know she had to spend her earliest years at an orphanage, but was taken in by what would seem a crabby high class old mare by the name of Sourbloom. It actually confused some why an earth pony would want to adopt a pegasus but old mare was insistent. It wasn't until she was older that she understood why she even was adopted, though at least Sourbloom played with her bit, bought things for her, and paid attention to her... they did manage to become friends somehow. It would seem it didn't take much for the old mare to start complaining, and it didn't help that Stardream wings and her learning to use them right broke things but it would seem most of the time Sourbloom complained about her family who never visited and only seem to want her money.
It was when Stardream was a young filly she that she got her cutie mark. Having always had an interest in the night sky, feeling a comfort being under them and even thinking sometimes they could hear and understand her. She talked to the stars, considering them friends, and wish time and again that they would talk back to her. At time she thought they did, at times even hearing what would seem warnings that have protected her from danger. Once listening to the stars had saved the live of her guardian, which is how she gained her cutie mark. (Sourbloom had a small heart attack, the stars prompted Stardream to look for Sourbloom as soon as it started. Because of this medical staff was able to get to her in time to stabilize her, thus saving the old mare's life).
When Stardream got older, a older filly, Sourbloom started to show her age. Her health low, the old mare stayed in her bed and was watch over by nurses she had hired to watch over her condition at all times . One day Sourbloom call Stardream in, telling her something the old bat had never said before... that she loved her, that if it wasn't for her Sourbloom wouldn't have known what to do. She explained then why she had adopted her, not just because she was a lonely old mare but because she wanted someone to pass on what she had gained in her long life. When Stardream ask about Sourbloom's other relative she only laughed, saying they would just waste what she would leave behind justifying herself by saying they never cared about her. The two talk a bit more and share a tender moment, before being hurried out by the nurse on duty who told her Sourbloom needed rest.
So it was, Stardream lost the only family she had but gained more then the memories she had of the old mare. When the relatives found out that Sourbloom had stated in her will that everything would go to Stardream, they were not pleased to say the least. Yet the old bat had been smart and made sure control of the property was safe in the hooves of a friend until Stardream could legality own it, her final act being a a 'take that' to the family that only wanted her money. Yet Stardream didn't keep most of it anyway, having most of it given away to help build an planetarium in Canterlot. When old enough, and her schooling that her guardian had started to her was finished, Stardream left her home under the care of the servants... deciding to set off to find her place in Equestria.
Gaining a position as an apprentice to an older stallion named Star Gazer, a unicorn astrologer that studies the movements of the stars and other astral bodies and sends reports to Canterlot. Though it took some time to convince him to train her, partly because of how old she was and partly because he preferred to do his job alone. Yet it didn't take long for Stardream to show her knowledge of the stars and she did impress him... yet it was discovering her Talent that he said yes. You see by this point Stardream had a fair idea how her Talent worked, it becoming of use in her life. Yet she still kept most ponies from knowing about it, as who would believe that a pegasus could see the future. That she could speak with the stars and once in a while have a strange dreams, dreams that oddly connect to herself and others around her. It was an odd gift to say the least, especially or a pegasus, as normally one could only use spells to divine such things. This is what got her Star Gazer to say yes, it was fascinated him that was her talent. This surprised Stardream, thankful as it was rare for those few she told to believe her so quickly. So with that she traveled with Star Gazer and learned how to be a astrologer herself.
Later Stardream met a handsome stallion unicorn named Mythos in Canterlot, a storyteller and scholar that seemed to have been all over Equestria. They became close, Mythos even inviting her at times to go out for some fun and to see what Canterlot could offer. As time went on, Stardreams feelings for Mythos grown until she even started to fall in love with him. Yet she found out that Mythos had been hiring his research based skills to ponies of an unsavory feel to Stardream, the stars warning her of danger. When she found out some of these ponies were hurting others, she confronted Mythos about it. What she heard him say shocked her, as he explained he found nothing wrong with helping these ponies, even if some were hurting others by their actions. Stardream couldn't let it go, and tried for sometime to convince Mythos to stop helping them. When he wouldn't she finally gave up and said that she couldn't do this, that she couldn't stay with Mythos if he continued his work as he did. With tears in her eyes she said that she just did not understand how the nicest pony she know would be willing to help those that hurt others.
With that she left him which hurt very much, and she moved back to Trottingham. She got back in contact with her old mentor asking for work, who hired her without question as his assistant because he knew her reliability... though she had to start traveling often again because of this.

Other: Her talent is limited, mostly just giving hints of things to come, and even when things are clear and detailed Stardream does not always understand what she sees or dreams. Also she will be connected with Mythos Gray, my other OC pony but I don't plan on them meeting right away and it is even likely she would have 'moved on' when they do meet.
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Examples of good bios (not edited to play in Dark Equestria setting)
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