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 Hawthorn "Groundshaker"

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Character sheet
Name: Hawthorn
Aligiment: Chaotic Neutral
HP:: 44/44

PostSubject: Hawthorn "Groundshaker"   Sat May 19, 2012 1:49 am

Roleplay Type: Dark Equestria
Name: Hawthorn “Groundshaker”
Sex: Male
Age: Stallion
Species: Earth Pony
Eye Color: Gold
Coat Color: Brown-Orange
Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: long, unkempt, black
Physique: Broad, built and imposing figure
Cutie Mark: A forest path
Origin/Residence: The outskirts of Hoofington until the land was seized by unicorn researchers. Now he makes his home in the wild wherever he works.
Occupation: mercenary/guide
Motivation: Personal peace, reverence of the land, fairness, emotion
Likes: stewardship towards nature, large weapons, exploring
Dislikes: Unicorns, cowards, inequality
Character Summary:

Hawthorn was born into his clan on the outskirts of Hoofington. His people had held this land for generations and prided themselves with their care of it. The young colt was no different, familiarizing himself with every tree and plant that the vast wilderness had to offer. Life was simple for him. “Give to the earth and it will provide,” as his kin said.

Of course, there were always those that looked to use the land for themselves. Rivaling tribes, bandits, and even would-be developers made their stakes, but each time his clan managed to push them back. Hawthorn had earned the name “Groundshaker” among his people during these repulsions, from the great strength and skill with a hammer he had demonstrated. However, all good things rarely do last forever.

One day, a royal unicorn surveyor went through the clan’s territory. Travelers were a common occurrence, so Hawthorn kept his distance from the foreigner as long as he caused no trouble. A few days later, however, he and his kin received a message. It came in an unexpected form: a booming voice from the clouds above. The voice declared that the surveyor had discovered interesting magical qualities in the flora lying in their territory and that the Royal Canterlot Institution of Magic Research was seizing their land for further investigation. Twilight Sparkle was personally going to oversee the investigation as well and any who refused to leave would be “forcibly removed”. Even a people so isolated as his were no strangers to the Dark Elements. Some pushed to leave, not risking the encounter, while others refused to give up their native land. Hawthorn was convinced to move on and, reluctantly, left his homeland. It was some time before they heard the news of those who had stayed: those who had stood their ground were cut down. Hawthorn cursed himself for giving in so easily, for showing such cowardice. He raged the loss of his homeland and the unicorns that took it from him. The stallion had known peace for his whole life and now found himself filled with such hatred that it was difficult to bear.

Hawthorn did not stay long with the remnants of his clan. He soon ventured out on his own, to see the strange world for himself. In his travels, he served as a guardian and guide to many through the more dangerous parts of Equestria. He seeks to find peace with himself again after witnessing the injustices that occur across Equestria.

Hawthorn’s father, Boundway, was with the part of the clan that chose to stay in their territory, and was subsequently slaughtered along with the others. His mother, Night Whisper, fled with Hawthorn. He could not stay with her long, with the guilt he felt in leaving the others behind, and decided to strike out on his own.


Hawthorn is very hot-blooded and is easy to impassion. While not normally reckless, he is a prisoner to his emotion and will act out of passion over thought at some times. He does have a nurturing side, however, and can express great compassion. Hawthorn sees the world as a balance, that those who give are the ones that shall receive, one good deed deserves another etc. However, his world view was tested after he experienced the iniquities that occurred in his travels; the balance had clearly been broken. His greatest fear is that he will never be at peace again. Hawthorn was once content to live a world such as his, but after venturing out across Equestria, a deep bitterness filled him that he had never held before.

The stallion holds a strong dislike of unicorns, strengthened by the loss of his homeland. Hawthorn’s hatred of unicorns stems from more than just his unfortunate encounter with the unicorn researchers of Canterlot. Even in his youth, their species were little more than meddlers to him. Earth ponies cared for the land, and pegasi were shepherds of the sky. But unicorns? They did nothing except break and bend the earth for their own ends. At least in his eyes.

Cutie Mark-

Hawthorn has a great attunement with the natural world, and can easily navigate his way through any environment. He got his mark one night while getting lost on the far end of his clan’s territory. It was the first time he had really lost his way, and nightfall in the woods was not a place for young colts to be. Despite that, Hawthorn managed to muster the courage to pass all the eerie sounds and cries and find his way home. He could’ve sworn that there was another force pulling him towards his destination, guiding him through the unknown land. It all felt so natural and, upon returning to his parents, the colt received his cutie mark.


Hawthorn “Groudshaker” Male Earth Pony Scout 3/Ranger 2, Chaotic Neutral

Str 20 +5 HD 3D8+2D10+15 (44 HP)
Dex 16 +3 AC 18 = 10 + 3 (dex) + 5 (armor)
Con 16 +3 Initiative +4 = 3+1
Int 14 +2 Fort +9 =4+3+1+1 Ref +10=6+3+1 Will +4=1+2+1
Wis 15 +2 BAB +4
Cha 11 +0

Attacks: +1 Earth Breaker +11 (2d6+8 x3)
Thrown light hammer +8 (1d4+5 x2)

Feats: Leap attack, Improved favored enemy, Swift Hunter
Skills: Climb +13 Jump +12 Knowledge(nature) +12 Knowledge(geography) +12
Hide +11 Move Silently +11 Survival +12 (+14 tracking, aboveground, direction) [3] Listen +10 Spot +10 Search +10 Disable Device +12

Special: Sturdy, Favored enemy (unicorn) +4, Favored enemy (magical beast) +2, Track, Wild empathy, combat style: two-handed (power attack). Skirmish (+2d6, +1 AC), Trapfinding, Uncanny dodge, Fast Movement +10ft, Trackless Step

Talent: +3 Survival, Know Direction 1/day
Equipment: Belt of Giant Strength +2, +1 chain shirt, +1 Earth Breaker, +1 Cloak of Resistance, 4 light hammers, 1 dagger, bedroll, backpack, 3 day’s trail rations, waterskin, 5 torches, climber’s kit, 50ft silk rope, whetstone, empty flask, empty sack, fishhook, flint and steel, map of Equestria, Masterwork thieves' tools, 1020gp
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Hawthorn "Groundshaker"
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