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 Sunset Joy, A Captain of the Royal Guard

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PostSubject: Sunset Joy, A Captain of the Royal Guard   Sat May 19, 2012 9:58 pm

Roleplay Type: Dark Equestria
Name: Sunset Joy
Sex: Mare.
Age: Mare.
Species:Earth Pony.
Eye Color: Light, steely blue.
Coat Color: White as the driven snow.
Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Sunset has a black mane and tail, with her mane often on a tight bun behind her head to keep it out of the way, giving her a stern look.
Physique: Sunset is slender, but clearly hardy and very athletic. She's as tall as most stallions. Sunset Joy suffers from a disease called hypokalemic paralysis, causing her to sometimes lose muscle control of her body, becoming paralyzed for extended periods. This is more likely to happens when she is asleep.
Cutie Mark: None.
Origin/Residence: Canterlot.
Motivation: Sunset Joy lives to obey - she has sworn an oath of fealty to Empress Celestia, and fulfilling her will is motivation enough for Sunset.
Likes: Celestia, performing her duties.
Dislikes: Nonsense, idle banter.

Character Summary:
Sunset Joy was born into a declining high-class family in Canterlot. It was soon realized by her parents, Sir Stalwart and Starlight Damsel, that they named their foal rather ineptly; Sunset was always a sour, brooding filly, rarely laughing or smiling. Despite, she never got into trouble and always did whatever she was told to, obeying her parents and other adults without hesitation. She played with other foals and her siblings just like any other filly, but even if she had the greatest time, nopony could tell - all they saw was a small filly with a face as expressionless as a mask.

Her family had a tradition of serving Equestria as officers and soldiers; though her family had been declining and losing much of its' former glory, this tradition was still strong, as evidenced by Sir Stalwart, Joy's father, who was a knight of the Order of Dawn, a knightly order outside of the Royal Guard; outside, they are sworn to the Empress and carry out her will, but in truth, they were a collection of rebellious nobles attempting to overthrow the tyrant.. Her older siblings, Dawnlight, became an artillery officer, and she rose into the rank of a lieutenant, while her brother, Starscry, joined the Royal Guard as a medical officer.

Sunset herself joined the Royal Guard as well, and her dedication to duty and endless resolve earned her respect among her peers, and as years passed, the young mare was promoted time and time again, until she was made a Captain of the Guard after proving herself multiple times in the eyes of the Empress. It wasn't until she was made a Captain of the Guard that the treachery of the Order of Dawn came into light, and the Empress, wishing one last show of loyalty from her newmade captain, sent Sunset to raid their hideout.

Unknown to her, Sunset's father was the leader of the Order, and after having cut down the rebellious knights, the Captain met with the Knight-Commander Stalwart. They spoke for long, alone in the Knight-Commander's chambers, but ultimately, only Sunset emerged, bloodied and tears in her eyes, having proved her undying love and devotion to the Princess.

After the news spread, both of Sunset's siblings left the military in disgust and found their own ways of fighting the tyranny, but Sunset remained, as resolute and unflinching in her duties as ever, or so it would seem. After many raids and executions, her faith in the Empress has begun to waver, and her guilt finally surface..

Sir Stalwart, now better known as Stalwart the Betrayer after the agenda of the Order of Dawn came to light, was murdered by Sunset Joy in the Order's stronghold of Mournhope Citadel. Sunset was very close to Stalwart until his death, but in the end, duty meant more to her than family bonds.

Starlight Damsel has denounced her daughter, and is imprisoned in the dungeons of the Royal Palace for usurping the Throne, and safekeeping enemies of the state. Sunset and Damsel haven't spoken in years.


Sunset Joy is thoroughly a difficult pony to converse with. She rarely banters, and often gets straight to business; her eyes are empty, dull pits that stare disturbingly at others. She neither smiles nor scowls, retaining a collected, blank expression that betrays no emotion underneath, and her voice is a tranquil, creepy monotone that sends shivers down the spines of her underlings. Clad in silvery full-plate and armed with a sword large enough to cut a pony in half with a single fell swoop, it is understandable why Joy has such a reputation as a cold-hearted enforcer.

Underneath the facade lies a broken, socially inept filly, who hangs on to an authority for guard and safety. Sunset has emotions like anypony, she simply refrains from showing them. She both fears and loves Celestia and looks up to her for approval and acceptance, gaining pleasure from fulfilling her commands. On the other hoof, she loathes herself for having murdered and mutilated so many innocents, including her father, and it's not uncommon to find the markings of self-inflicted wounds upon her.

Sunset Joy
Female Earth Pony Fighter 5
Lawful Neutral
Representing Noitatohtori

Strength 18 (+4)
Dexterity 12 (+1)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 14 (+2)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 12 (+1)
Size: Medium
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 230 lb
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black Wavy

Total Hit Points: 42

Speed: 20 feet [armor]

Armor Class: 18 = 10 +8 [full plate] +1 [dexterity] -1 [aggressive]

Touch AC: 10
Flat-footed: 17
Initiative modifier: +7 = +1 [dexterity] +4 [improved initiative] +2 [aggressive]
Fortitude save: +6 = 4 [base] +2 [constitution]
Reflex save: +1 = 1 [base] +1 [dexterity] -1 [detached]
Will save: +4 = 1 [base] +2 [wisdom] +1 [detached]
Attack (handheld): +9 = 5 [base] +4 [strength]
Attack (unarmed): +9 = 5 [base] +4 [strength]
Attack (missile): +6 = 5 [base] +1 [dexterity]
Grapple check: +9 = 5 [base] +4 [strength]

Light load:
Medium load:
Heavy load:
Lift over head:
Lift off ground:
Push or drag:
100 lb. or less
101-200 lb.
201-300 lb.
300 lb.
600 lb.
1500 lb.

Languages: Common Griffon Zebra

Full plate armor [heavy; +8 AC; max dex +1; check penalty -6; 50 lb.]


Improved Initiative
Power Attack
Monkey Grip [hand-edit as needed]
Weapon Focus x1 Weapon(s):
Weapon Specialization x1 Weapon(s):



Skill Name Key
Ability Skill
Modifier Ability
Modifier Ranks Misc.
Appraise Int 2 = +2
Balance Dex* 5 = +1
Bluff Cha 0 = +1 -1 [abrasive]
Climb Str* 4 = +4
Concentration Con 2 = +2
Craft_1 Int 2 = +2
Craft_2 Int 2 = +2
Craft_3 Int 2 = +2
Diplomacy Cha 0 = +1 -1 [abrasive]
Disguise Cha 1 = +1
Escape Artist Dex* 1 = +1
Forgery Int 2 = +2
Gather Information Cha 1 = +1
Heal Wis 2 = +2
Hide Dex* 1 = +1
Intimidate Cha 10 = +1 +8 +1 [abrasive]
Jump Str* -2 = +4 -6 [speed 20]
Knowledge (arcana) Int 6 = +2 +4
Listen Wis 2 = +2
Move Silently Dex* 1 = +1
Perform_1 Cha 1 = +1
Perform_2 Cha 1 = +1
Perform_3 Cha 1 = +1
Perform_4 Cha 1 = +1
Perform_5 Cha 1 = +1
Ride Dex 1 = +1
Search Int 2 = +2
Sense Motive Wis 6 = +2 +4
Spot Wis 3 = +2 +1
Survival Wis 2 = +2
Swim Str** 4 = +4
Use Rope Dex 1 = +1

* = check penalty for wearing armor

Earth Pony:

Unfamiliar race. Adjustments already included.

+2 strength

+0 dexterity

+0 constitution

+0 intelligence

+0 wisdom

+0 charisma

Edit sheet & write details here as needed.

Be sure to know bonuses to skills, special abilities, low-light / dark vision, and any natural armor class bonus.


Bonus Feats (already included)

Class HP rolled
Level 1: Fighter 10
Level 2: Fighter 4
Level 3: Fighter 10
Level 4: Fighter 6 +1 to intelligence
Level 5: Fighter 2

Sunset Joy's Equipment:

50 lb
2 lb
3 lb

5 lb

4 lb
1 lb
65 lb Weapons / Armor / Shield (from above)
Blanket, winter x1
Flint and steel
Ink vial
Ink pen
Parchment sheets x5
Rations (1 day) x5
Signet ring
Waterskins x1
Holy symbol (silver)



Large Vicious Greatsword +1
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Sunset Joy, A Captain of the Royal Guard
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