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 Warning System

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Warning System Empty
PostSubject: Warning System   Warning System EmptyMon May 21, 2012 2:41 pm

There will be 4 levels for the Warning System: First level means there are no problems, second level means member has been causing some problems, third level is for those that have caused many problems and refuses to listen to DM and other players, finally forth level means they have lost the chance to play in the Dark Equestria Campaign.
1st Level:
2nd Level: Spellshock
3rd Level:
4th Level:

Ways of going up levels on the warning system
– Arguing and whining about the rules of the game and how the campaign is balanced without coming up with ways to overcome perceived problems and ways to improve balance despite restrictions and limitations.
– Refusing to listen to DM and other players, swearing and disrespecting them, and making life difficult for them
– Trying to have your character be able to everything themselves, forgetting how classes are balanced against and with each other, and trying to make character what they cannot be.
– Ticking off the DM

Ways of going down the levels of the warning system
– Coming up with ways to improve the game, finding better ways to balance the campaign and classes, coming up with ideas and making things interesting for the campaign.
– Being respectful to the players and DM, listening to what they have to say and accepting without complaint the decisions made as a group.
– Being a team player, a good roleplayer, and having your character figure things out with the rest of the party and not having them go off on their own.
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Warning System
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