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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyMon May 21, 2012 8:10 pm

1. No profanity or inappropriate discussion. If you break this rule you will be issued with a warning, should you break the rule again in the same day you will go up a level in the Warning System.
2. This community is based off a show that preaches Love and Tolerance (But really, you knew that already) so please, love and tolerate other members. If you find you are getting agitated or upset at someone, let them know as politely as possible. (yes this counts the DM)
3. Have respect for other members beliefs and ideals. We will not tolerate; Homophobia, Sectarianism, Sexism, Harassment, Slander or similar abuse. This list is not exhaustive and includes attacks on Religion (of any sort), but bear in mind that some may not share your beliefs, so be wary about advertising them too much. (This counts the DMs)
4. The DMs reserves the right to deny any member the ability to play in the campaign, and for the site as a whole the same gos for Administartors and Moderators.
5. The DMs word is law, if they issue a ruling, pay close attention and then follow it. The players have the right to over-rule a DMs but only at majority vote. Discussion of the problem or problems will then be discussed and fixed. Similiarly the Moderators word is law, if they raise an issue, pay close attention and follow their instruction. The Administrator has the right to over-rule a Moderator but will discuss it with them first.
6. No cheating, please be honest with your rolls. If a player is getting only good rules this will be grounds for the DMs or players to speak up about possible cheating.
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Forum Rules
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