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 Dark Equestria Campaign

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PostSubject: Dark Equestria Campaign   Sat May 19, 2012 12:11 am

I hope to start a new RP on this site, a different setting if you will. Yet to get this off the ground I will need others help.
In this story Celestia and Luna are the empresses of Equestria, both tyrants in their own right though Celestia is more hot headed with a cruel sense of humor while Luna is cold and calculating.

Yet at one point she had actually been good, being Starlight Moon and creating the Midnight Order... a safe haven for ponies wanting protection and peace from the heavy weight of the Empire. Yet Celestia had a plan, a plan that took 1000 years to come to full fruition, having banished Starlight Moon to buy herself time, and created the Elements of Discord. Upon the return of her wayward sister, Starlight Moon was forced to become the evil Empress Luna once again.

Who did this to her? Twilight Sparkle and those like her... herself being the Element of Spite and the other discordians being the Elements of Cruelty, Deceit, Treachery, Greed, and Fear. Working together because each wanted power and the ability to control others. Was this a stable union? No, there will and is conflict between these six 'generals' at times yet partly from fear of Celestia and partly because of their own selfish desires they worked together.

The focus will be one the adventures who could go out on their own or join the Midnight Order (if they can find those that are apart of it) while it is a darker Equestria and many of the ponies from the show will have a reversal of roles (the Empresses and Discordians being the biggest case of this) with examples being Prince Blueblood, Trixie, Gilda, Harmony (instead of Discord) who actually took over leading the Order when Starlight Moon could not.
Members of the Midnight Order:
* Starlight Moon: Former member and founder of the Midnight Order, considered lost. The dark hearted Luna had been shown the truth of her Equestria and was offered to make it better. Using her magic Harmony brought about a very suitable change over Luna, opening her heart for good to flow into it. Becoming Starlight Moon she worked with Harmony to create a safe haven and resistance to Celestia's rule. Yet eventually came the time she was to face Celestia and was locked for 1000 years, and when released Celestia was ready to undo what Harmony had done. Using the Dark Elements the good that was in Starlight Moon was forced out from her soul and her heart was closed from any farther alteration.
* Harmony: This strange yet powerful being brought about the coming of Starlight Moon and helped create the Midnight Order over 1000 years ago. Currently she is the secret guardian and source of wisdom for the Midnight Order, only know by the high level members... yet she is spoken of by others. Could be said to be the one in charge if it wasn't for the fact she lets others do so.
* Prince Blueblood: high level member of the Midnight Order, keeps an eye on his aunts as well as Rarity's activity with Canterlot elites. Out of all the high level members he is look on the most for leadership and to give the orders.
* Trixie: high level member of the Midnight Order parents killed by Twilight. In addition, when she tried to face Twilight she was mocked, humiliated, and left for dead. The most magically gifted in the Order and the one in charge of training unicorns in more advanced magic as well as keeper of lore.
* Gilda: high level member of the Midnight Order, betrayed by Rainbow Dash and forced to watch her kind hunted and killed for sport by the pegasi. In charge of combat training and has connections with the Griffin Kingdom.
* Flim and Flam: high level members of the Midnight Order, ran out of business by Applejack. A good head for numbers and money, as such they are in charge of the Orders flow of money and how to use it. In addition always seems to have a catchy tone to lighten the mood.
* Ditzy Doo: high level member of the Midnight Order, her daughter dinky killed by Pinkamena. Knows how to get information, packages, and mail around Equestria undetected.
* Mythos Gray: high level member that using his skills on information gathering and ability to create impressive illusions to work as agent of sorts for the Order. Having created aliases he is able to be right in the thick of trouble and danger, playing the part of somepony with a connection with or that is close to a Discordian. This is possible because of a special watch that hides or alter his magic completely unless he so wishes it shown. (normally very busy on missions and thus not always able to be found.)
Mythos' Aliases: Silverswirl (unicorn researcher for Twilight), Mr. Grimhoof (earth pony business partner of sorts with Applejack), Sir Coltsworth (a frequent unicorn visiter of Rarity who she has grown fond of), (Glittermane, an odd/somewhat mad earth pony with an obession for puzzles that actually seems to like Pinkamena's parties), Blackstorm (freelancer pegasus that goes on missions for Rainbow Dash), and lastly Scarin (an earth pony beasthunter that works with Fluttershy).

The Dark Elements... or as some call them the Elements of Discord, who wield each of them 'in ()', and where they stay normally or where they can be found 'in []'.
Spite (Twilight Sparkle)[The Grand Librarium], Cruelty (Fluttershy)[The 'Beastial' Sanctuary], Greed (Rarity)[The Palace Boutique], Deceit (Applejack)[Apple Corporation, Apple Manor], Treachery (Rainbow Dash)[Sky Fortress], and Fear (Pinkamena)[Ministry of Moral].

* Twilight controls the use of magic as well as education and knowledge, having leanr some of the darkest magic imaginable and using her intellect to conduce research on a veriaty of subject... many of which can cause serious injury or even death to those involved. Many fear the magical sensers in place that can alert her and those under her of magic use, especually teleportation which is forbidden for all but a few.

* Fluttershy is a beastmistress that controls the creatures and monsters of the forboding Everfree Forest... as well as create her own 'children'. A mare with a seemlying 'sweet' exterior but as per her element can be quite cruel and has a terrorify rage when angered.

* Rarity is considered to be a great beauty indeed, both convited and fear by those of Canterlot elite, because of ber bewitch charm and grace. Controls those of high blood, even going to using blackmail to get what she wants. Runs under her large shop a sweet shop run by orphened foals and mares that have no where else to go, as well as sending the prettier and more lovely mares and fillies to be trained to please those that visit her shop.

* Applejack controls the businesses as well as to an extent the criminal element of Equestria, the Apple Corps overshadowing all who wish for work or need to buy and sell. The Apple family being the mob that all fear currently run by Don Macintosh though Applejack plans on killing her brother to be in change.

* Rainbow Dash is the caption of the Shadow Bolts, leading her ruthless police force to make sure all the laws of the empiresses are followed. Yet her and her officers are as corrupt as you can get, taking or demanding as well as using violence against those that try to go against them. She is know as the fastest pegasus in Equestria and to hear the sound of the Dark Rainboom means that another pony will be captured by her.

* Pinkamena, for many this is the discordian one should fear the most... which is what she wants. Her laughter and smile being the sort to chill a pony's heart. One's paranoia becomes complete as you cannot outrun her, you cannot hide from her. She creates parties nopony wants to go to but must by law. This pink mare controls the moral making sure all live with a hopelessness and fear... herself moving from glee, to depression, to anger.
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Dark Equestria Campaign
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